Therapist and Credentials

I believe everyone could use a massage.  Why?  Because we as humans acquire aches and pains from a multitude of mental, physical and spiritual stressors.  Massage Therapy is an excellent non-drug remedy to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain,  improve flexibility, promote sleep, and enhance mental clarity.   I can describe the experience of massage therapy in 3 words:  It's All Good!

Hello, I am Kimberly Knaus, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of The Magic Touch Massage Therapy.  I studied at Mr. John's School of Cosmetology, Classic Touch School of Massage Therapy, Springfield, IL and Cortiva Institute in Chicago, IL; Integrative Institute for Healthcare Studies, Massage for The Mother-to-Be, and continue my education 12+ CEUS per year in the healing arts. 

Every client has different needs for Therapy and treatment plans are designed with each individual in mind.  I am trained in various modalities of Therapeutic Massage:

Swedish ------  Deep Tissue -----Sports Massage ------Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Fibromyalgia ------Pregnancy-Post Partum-----Infant Massage Instruction -----Massage Doula

Hot Stone Massage -----Spa Body Scrub -----Spa Body Wrap -----Thai Yoga Massage

Comfort Touch Massage for the Elderly -----Massage for people with Cancer. 

Also, as I am a pet-lover, I am educated in Canine and Feline Massage-  


I have committed my life to the work of Massage Therapy and it's benefits and opened my practice in December of 1999.

I have been married 32 years and enjoy spending time with my husband, our 2 wonderful dogs and a small flock of  chickens. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my education and/or experience.

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